Fire :

The flames of a fire also demonstrate that wooden construction materials are the safest. On account of its insulation property and its carbonization, wood can withstand the heat of a fire 30 to 90 minutes. That is why structures in the U.S., like gymnasiums that can accommodate great crowds, are constructed with a wooden framework as a safety feature against fire. As part of the benefits of UAB’s ongoing rediscovery of wood, not only could the loss of life in natural disasters be reduced, but the natural balance of the ecology could also be conserved, in addition to the acquisition of new aesthetic values and healthy living conditions.


 Time favors timber as a building material. Long-lived, wood is an ideal companion to Time.
Compare the lifetimes of concrete, steel and PVC with, for example, those of the wooden poles used in telecommunications (50 years), wooden highway bridges (50 years) and treated pine lumber (60 years). Remarkably, these modern materials possess much shorter viable lifetimes—less than half of that of wood. Wood is a construction material whose physical properties have been tested and proved in the historical process. Moreover, the preservative substances and methods developed through today’s technology have endowed wood with even more excellent properties. At UAB, traditional knowledge will be subjected to renewal and revision with the assistance of modern technology.  

In the event of an earthquake, no construction material can be found more reliable than timber. Tens of thousands of lives were lost in the earthquake in Turkey on 17 August 1999. The major cause of death was the defective quality of the housing structures. Yet, the risk of dying in an earthquake in California where the fault is similar to that affected in Turkey is close to zero. This figure is unrelated to the relative probability of an earthquake, but rather to the amount of damage an earthquake is predicted to inflict. The high safety index in California may be attributed to the fact that nearly all—99%—of the domestic dwellings are built of wood. In Turkey, we are still discussing how to build safer concrete structures, 30 times heavier than timber. A city alters its appearance on average once every twenty years as an outcome of fluctuations in the returns on urban real estate investment and fchanges of use. Consider, however, that if wood were assigned a more prominent place in our lives as a result of UAB initiatives for the development of precautionary measures, we would not only experience a healthier living environment, but the percentage of risk in case of an earthquake would also be reduced. No commercial or professional target should possess a greater value than that of saving human lives.  

 Expert knowledge :
  Ask any carpenter, architect, or engineer. No other material presents such a wide range of possibilities as wood. Wood, due to its being lightweight, can span large distances, extensive in magnitude. For instance, the diameter of the Tacoma Dome (U.S.), measures 162 meters. The preference for wood in these types of constructions is additionally determined by factors besides weight. Wood is also resistant to corrosion and atmospheric conditions and possesses superior acoustical properties; most important, its dimensions remain constant despite changes in temperature. A wooden structure conceals no hidden secrets. Its architectural design and engineering system can be easily read by everyone. At the same time, it is recognized that steel or concrete constitutes a perfect complement to wood. One of the aims of UAB is the assumption of a scientific role in conducting comparative evaluations, research, and analyses, so as to determine the most appropriate utilization of materials.
 Think for a moment :
Now, try to describe wood in two words. No doubt, one of your adjectives was “warm.” And we wouldn’t be surprised if the other one happened to be “healthy”. Wood does not harbor dust; it breathes and is easily cleaned. Furthermore, it has been ascertained that fewer microorganisms inhabit wood than plastic. Moreover, wood is the material least affected by changes in the temperature. The elasticity of wood when used in flooring is a prime consideration in maintaining the health of our legs as we walk, run, or jump. Fans of wood, who are aware of the importance of wood for human health, have joined TTA in order to share information like this.
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Nature :
Nothing pleases Nature more than wood In places where the utilization of wood is relatively greater, like the U.S. and the Scandinavian countries, the land area devoted to forests is exhibiting growth unlike in those places where little wood is used. Promotion of the use of wood works to expand the acreage devoted to forest. Hence, through the application of methods of forest mainenance in conjunction with conservation measures, the surface area of forest land in the US—which has even been meeting the demand by the Far East for logs—has been increasing each year. This also holds true for all countries that utilize wood in their construction sector. The Greenpeace organization, therefore, actively supports the use of wood as a structural material. It is now a recognized fact that only well informed consumers can truly conserve forests. One final word on the environmental benefits of trees: newly planted trees filter the carbon dioxide in the air more rapidly and efficiently than older trees. For this reason, TTA supports the view that the renewal of the forest surface by knowledgeable thinning (and re-planting) will ensure a speedier recovery of ecological balance.

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